a quirky, festive heap!



We’ve hovered in this strange pandy-world for nearly two years, terrible-better-bad-better-better-bad-good. I hope things are brightening for all of you, that your time in the good column is ever increasing. Here are some things that brought me comfort, joy, laughs, and sanity. I’m sending this list (acting as your personal shopper) as a small gift to you. Maybe you will find the.perfect.thing. for your loved ones, pals, or for yourself!

Books (in no particular order):

  • Deborah Levy’s “Living Autobiography Series,” is insightful, funny, inspiring, Levy explores ambition, family, marriage, identity, and motherhood. She lifts the mundane to the sublime in her explorations (oh man, a section about ‘ice lollies’ and her mother’s illness brings me to tears). THINGS I DON’T WANT TO KNOW. THE COST OF LIVINGREAL ESTATE.
  • If you are a regular reader of my newsletter, you know I love Elizabeth Strout. I want to suggest reading (rereading?) three of her novels which tell the story of Lucy Barton’s life. As a child she lived in extreme poverty. She grew up to become an acclaimed writer, unable to shake the feelings of invisibility. Strout explores class, PTSD, how we never leave our childhoods behind, marriage and love. MY NAME IS LUCY BARTON. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. OH, WILLIAM. 
  • For the writer in your life, check out THE ART OF... series from Graywolf Press. The books are fantastic covering everything from revision, subtext, description, time, and more.
  • I heard an interview on NPR with JR and Vanessa Ford and it lead me to their joyful children’s book, CALVIN, about how Calvin “navigates the complicated feelings of being a transgender kid and how he comes into expressing who he really is.” We love you, whoever you are… is how his parents respond. Who, may I humbly ask, doesn’t yearn to hear that?















  • This sunny omelette pan! If I were a pan, this would be me!
  • Not only have I given these napkins to two pals for recent birthdays, I bought them for us too.
  • Though we owned this handy little friend pre-pandemic, it certainly saved us when we couldn’t go to a coffeehouse. I whole-heartedly recommend this frothy-frother!



  • I’ve gone a little over the top with merch from DusenDusen. I bought the festive trash can, and the tissue box. My office? It’s now a delight.
  • Air filter. I know, not exactly festive and fun, but won’t the recipient be happy during the next ‘fire season’. 🙁
  • I received this candle as a gift a couple years ago and I’ve now given it to four different friends, plus, I bought a second for myself. It’s beautiful and I love the orange scent.













  • If you are a knitter, the kits from Wool and the Gang are terrific. The patterns are stylish, the yarn choices lush, and the patterns easy to follow. I’ve made this poncho for my daughter, a baby blanket, and am currently knitting this vest while I watch Succession. (Let me tell you, the stitches are a little tight from all the tension in the Roy family.)





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That’s what I have–a quirky, mostly festive heap of things that may enliven your holidays, and your day-to-day!.

I wish you a cozy season full of love and light.